VoIP Business Phone Systems


VoiP Business Phone Systems

Our business class phone systems come loaded with all the features you would expect of a modern communications platform, and many more. With no setup fees and new HD phones provided at no charge, you won’t pay any up-front costs to implement a new system or upgrade an old one. Your phone system will never have to be a capital expense again. As your organization grows and evolves, your Integritek telecommunications can change seamlessly with you. From PBX, to VoiP, to custom telephony programming, we do it all.

Integrate multiple sites. Connect employees at home or on the road. Conference from around the corner or around the world. Unlimited local and long distance is standard. Our dedicated support staff will handle the entire process from implementation to ongoing support, all included for one low, monthly fee. It’s time to rethink what your phone can do for you!



Free VoIP Phones

Free VoIP Phones

We provide the latest in phone technology for all of our clients. Our new phone designs come with a high-resolution TFT color display, delivering a rich visual experience. The HD Sound technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications. Each phone supports Gigabit Ethernet, both EHS and USB headsets, comes standard with programmable keys, and, most importantly, no more paper labels.

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  • 24/7 up-time monitoring
  • Lifetime warranty replacement
  • Free updates & upgrades
  • Local emergency number access

  • Unlimited long distance
  • Unlimited number of lines
  • Unlimited inbound & outbound
  • Help desk support for end users

VoiP Business Phone System Features

Automated System Attendant
Incoming calls can be routed to the automated system attendant immediately or after a set number of rings if nobody is immediately available. Menus can be customized based off of different numbers, extensions or time of day criteria.
Conference Calls
The conference bridge allows you to host your own conference calls without the need for dialing into an external call conferencing service. With a traditional phone system you would have to have 1 physical line per caller, but with Integritek’s PBX solution you can host as many inbound calls as you need.
Call Forwarding
When you are on the go, easily forward your phone to another extension or mobile device directly from the menu on your phone. If there is no answer at the forwarded device the phone system will place the call in your voice mail.
Mobile Access
Pick up your phone and take it with you. You can plug in anywhere there is an internet connection and have immediate access as though you were sitting in your office.


Integrated Voice Mail
Your voicemail messages will be delivered as an attachment in an email. You can also check your voicemail remotely through the website portal designed for your company and included at no extra charge.
Call Recording
With the press of a few buttons, you can begin recording important phone calls for future reference. Recorded conversations can be replayed and downloaded through the website portal.
Fax to Email
Your fax machine will never be busy again. Inbound faxes are seamlessly converted to PDF and routed to an email address, public folder or distribution list for easy access. Outbound faxes can be sent directly from your desktop.
Number Portability
Keep your existing numbers. Integritek will facilitate a seamless transition.

Integritek's VoIp Business Phone Systems provides you with a state-of-the-art phone network; we install, monitor and manage every aspect of your new system from top to bottom and going forward. No need for new phone numbers, our experienced technicians will transition all of your current telephone numbers and services seamlessly and hassle free.

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