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The idea of cloud computing has been around since the early days of networked computers. Simply put, the cloud is about maximizing resources, availability, and redundancy by moving computing and storage out of your office and to diversified offsite locations. Moving your on-premise server to our cloud services provides multiple built in advantages, such as the ability to access your data anytime, from anywhere, and redundant hardware and backups, giving you complete disaster protection and superior reliability.

Integritek's Cloud Complete lets you to mobilize your workforce, allowing employees to access their data from wherever they have an internet connection. We give your business the ability to improve communication and collaboration through seamless syncing and sharing of files throughout all of your computers, tablets, and smartphones. Cloud Complete is an affordable and scalable managed infrastructure that is custom fit to meet your organization's needs.

Choosing The Correct Cloud Solution

We analyze your IT needs carefully

In some cases, businesses can achieve many of the same benefits of the cloud with simplifying and streamlining current IT operations and existing hardware. Let our cloud experts go over your current IT strategy and then create the best plan of action for your business goals.

Then we provide the best solutions

Integritek’s Cloud Complete service gives you peace of mind and allows you to keep focused on your business by removing hardware, licensing, software and deployment cost. By shifting your data and applications to the cloud, you can mobilize your workforce and access your data from anywhere.

Cloud Questions and Answers

1Can the cloud reduce IT cost?
Zero up-front capital and the cost removal of maintaining aging hardware and increasing electricity cost. Save time and money through virtualization and have the ability to access your data anywhere on any device.
2Is the cloud safe and secure?
Our cloud data is securely backed up both locally and to multiple offsite locations. We are ready for external threats, hardware / power failures or any type disasters with our business continuity processes.
3How do we move our data to the cloud.
We seamlessly transition your data with no disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our process involves backups and verification of data integrity every step of the way, ensuring the transfer is done correctly.
4How do I access the cloud?
Your data can be accessed from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. With Cloud Complete you can have a virtual office from any location. This allows you and your employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently while being productive away from the office.
5What kind of support do I get with Cloud Complete
You receive professional cloud management and maintenance of cloud services with 24/7/365 access to help desk support. We monitor your storage, virtual servers, backups, and antivirus, with remote and on-site support as needed.

Cloud computing may not be for everyone, but if experts think our cloud services will save you money or provide a competitive advantage, we are more than happy to discuss pros and cons with you. Ask yourself if any of the following applies to your company and give us a call.

  • You don't want maintain servers on premise.

  • You no longer want to support older IT systems.

  • You have multiple offices and a remote workforce.

  • You have employees with PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

  • You want your data safe, secure and backed up.

  • You want an advantage over your competition.
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